“Conscious Nutrition goes beyond food as a source of fuel. It even goes beyond nutrition for health and healing. It is about using food as a tool for personal and planetary transformation.”

Welcome to Conscious Nutrition

Conscious nutrition is an online resource dedicated to empowering you to heal yourself and the planet by fully understanding the power of plant based food and medicine.


The Conscious Nutrition philosophy encompasses the practice of ‘ahimsa’ or ‘non violence’ in daily life, acknowledgement of the sacred and divine in all things and acknowledgement, respect and communication with the Earth as a sacred, living being.

Conscious nutrition incorporate scientific enquiry with hands on experience, which encourages you to ‘know’ things in an intellectual, sensory and intuitive way. It is here to empower you to use plant based foods and medicines to obtain outstanding health and vitality.

Explore Conscious Nutrition

Visit the Plant Based Library for resources on plant based nutrition

Participate in a wild crafting and herbal medicine workshop to gain first hand experience of identifying, harvesting and using wild plants for medicine

Have a personalised naturopathic consultation to optimise your health with up to date functional medicine testing, herbal medicine and nutrition. Consults available in person or via Skype.

Wishing you abundant health and peace in mind, body and spirit.

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